Online Marketing Essentials

All you need to know about attracting more customers online

Online Marketing Essentials is a Group Coaching Programme for business owners and entrepreneurs like you who want to grow their business via the internet, but are frustrated by not getting the results that they expected.

- Maybe you've tried the latest shiny object that the gurus are telling us about, but the results still don't come and it feels like there is a piece of the puzzle that's just hiding beyond your view.

- Maybe you are busy doing random things such as posting on social media, but it doesn't seem to be driving results for you.

- Maybe you know what you should be doing but don't know what tools to use or even how to use them, so you are feeling overwhelmed and then end up not doing anything.

If any of the above sounds familiar, then this course is for you.

Online Marketing Essentials

Having helped hundreds of clients implement social media and digital marketing into their business over the last 8 years, there are patterns that have emerged between those that are succesful and those that are not.

Clients that have been successful are not only keen to learn new strategies and tactics, but they also take decisive action and implement what I am teaching them. Knowing something academically and actually doing the work are two different things, which can be the frustrating thing about being a coach.

I created Online Marketing Essentials to give clients a measurable system for generating regular leads and sales online and the support they need to help them implement what they are learning, which will help them get results faster without the frustration of trying to figure out everything yourself.

The course will cover:

Wk.1 Content Marketing and your website

Wk.2 Goal Setting and Measurement

Wk.3 Understanding Google Analytics

Wk.4 Setting up your Online Sales Funnel

Wk.5 Introduction to Paid Social

Wk.6 Advanced Facebook ads strategies

The programme also includes:

- Private Facebook Group
- Developing a Mindset for Success (Bonus lecture)
- Consolidation session (one month after the programme ends)

Delivery Method

Online Marketing Essentials is a 6 week programme, starting on Tuesday 6th November. Each week the modules will be delivered live, but will be recorded and made available to group members via the course website.

There will also be a Facebook Group to support your implementation between sessions and for networking and peer support.



Your Instructor

Alan Martin
Alan Martin

Alan is the Managing Director and founder of social media training and coaching company Chat Marketing. He has over 16 years’ marketing experience and is in demand as a social media speaker and coach, having spoken at events alongside international brands such as Harley Davidson, Volkswagen and Zappos.

Alan currently helps business owners and marketers understand how to use social media and email marketing to win more business and become more profitable, and regularly deliveres workshops for The Chartered Institute of Marketing and Business Gateway.

Class Curriculum

  Welcome to the Course
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days after you enroll
  Module 1 - Content Marketing & Your Website
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 2 - Goal Setting and Measurement
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 3 - Understanding Google Analytics
Available in days
days after you enroll

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